New Zealand Fitness Awards 2012

Mish wins People's Choice Award.

Mish wins Community Excellence Award '09!

"Mish lives it", said the judges. "Mishfitness 'Putting the Well in Wellington' free waterfront fitness classes over the summer were an extremely innovative voluntary initiative that really got Wellington moving and increased the awareness of community fitness in a great number of people."

Mish wins PT of the year '08!

Mish wins Pharmasports Personal Trainer of the Year 2008.

The judges were full of praise for the 'Mishfitness' brand and went on to say "we love Mish's energy, enthusiasm and of course as her clients say, her amazing ability to be the best 'motivator' in town."

Mish wins PT of the year '07!

Mish wins Fitness Life Personal Trainer of the Year 2007.

"Mish is in a league of her own when it comes to personal training" said the judges. "She has an enormous amount of energy and her ability to leverage off promotional opportunities and educational material is inspirational."

The judges went on to praise the way in which Mish had broadened her market to reach the corporate and suburban populations. "Mish is aware of the inextricable link between growing a successful business and increasing the positive impact on people's lives. Her glowing client testimonials show this is a women with considerable determination and passion for her chosen career."

Mish wins PT of the year '06!

Mish wins Fitness Life Personal Trainer of the Year 2006.

The judges commented, "Mish is making a difference to the lives of many people in the community where fitness education is needed most. Her long term commitment to helping people change their lifestyles made her the stand-out winner of the award. Her work in the gym, the community and the corporate sector, along with her personal and professional achievements, clearly put her ahead of the rest."

Mish wins PT of the year '03!

New Zealand Powerade Personal Trainer of the Year 2003 was the first competition of its type to be run in New Zealand. Mish was the winner beating fellow personal trainers nation wide. Mish's enthusiasm and support from clients impressed the judges highly.

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Mish explains how you can mix exercise and work

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Re-printed with the kind permission of fitness life magazine.