"Mish has been an adidas ambassador for 10 years now and each year she becomes even closer to the 3 stripe family.  Mish's personality and approach to her work is a true reflection of our adidas values.  She is committed, fun, honest, shows leadership and creates innovative ways to get people active and fit within the community.  Her fervent and warm character makes you want her expertise to get you fit and feel better about yourself.  Her dynamic work ethic, motivation and dedication to health and fitness is something pretty special and as a person you want to feed off this!  During the gloomy cold months she has provided our staff with weekly educational newsletters which included nutritional tips and unique ways to inspire and drive people to keep active over the Winter period.

Mish's infectious personality and 'nothing is a problem attitude' allows her to hold herself well in large group motivational presentations through to leading and teaching community programs.  She leaves ripples behind when you meet her and really makes a difference to a lot of people's lives.  She is a true professional and wears the 3 stripes with pride which makes her a very strong ambassador of the adidas brand.  Outside of her fitness knowledge she has a skillset that can help you from managing your diet better to general support from a life coach perspective.  She has achieved a lot in her industry and we are very privileged to have her as part of our Sports Marketing portfolio.  "Where there is Mish, there is a Way!".

Jo Vegar, Sports Marketing Manager, adidas NZ.

I have hired Mish as a regular fitness feature writer and model. Mish is an outstanding Personal Trainer, motivator and innovator. Not only has she achieved much in her personal fitness endeavours, she regularly gives back to the community through a variety of initiatives. Mish is inspirational and results-driven, but also extremely loyal, compassionate and a joy to work with. She has boundless energy and always has her clients best interests at heart. 
I would recommend our Mish to anyone serious about their training and wanting results...

Tania Greig

Mish offers an "outstanding" health and fitness solution.

She is highly motivating and relates effortlessly with those she mentors, both fit and unfit.

She deals with people from a broad range of backgrounds, and makes the path to health and fitness easily understood and achievable.

For people with a limited understanding of these issues, this is not always an easy task.

Her programs (especially her corporate programmes) are adaptive and are tailored to be integrated into daily and weekly routines at a manageable level, rather than making health and fitness seem out of reach when competing with our often conflicting professional and family priorities.

Please keep doing what you are doing – it has made a significant impact on the lives of many of your followers.

Leila Dunphy, Strategic Sourcing Manager, Telecom.

I have know Mish for a few years now, and she would be the very few trainers I have worked with who knows how to get the best from you, push you when you need to be, but then very quickly adjust the workout, depending on your strength, ability etc.. All of the sessions with Mish are always fun, challenging, non repetitive (exception would be those damn burpees) and she seems to always attract a fun group to exercise with. 

You really need to love your trainer if you're willing to get up at 5.30am in the middle of winter.... And our group are still waking up to go get their "Mish fix" after all these years!!

Nilesh Vallabh, Chorus NZ.

Mish has been my personal trainer for approx 10 years. She drives me hard but in doing so we also have fun.She varies the work outs to suit what other exercise I am also doing in the gym or biking & golfing.

She is undisputedly the best trainer in NZ as confirmed by winning the best "Personal Trainer" award on three successive years & was then not allowed to enter for the next three years!

She is always up beat & when I am having a bad day she always picks me up.

Peter Garty, Chief financial officer - Wellington City Council.

Mish was invited to set up a health and wellbeing programme within our Telecom Group Finance team here in Wellington to enhance the wellbeing and productivity of our employees by giving them the opportunity to access the services of a professional health and fitness coach.

The programme includes –

  • Weekly exercise sessions
  • Fortnightly newsletters
  • 1o1 consultations/measures
  • Competitive challenges

She manages to create a non-threatening empathy with everyone, but is still able to motivate people to achieve their goals with a mixture of achievable goal setting; follow up motivation and practical advice.

Mish has an unwavering commitment, enthusiasm and boundless energy to help people achieve a healthier lifestyle which is evident by the various programmes she runs, including our workplace programme, “Putting the Well in Wellington”; personal training; boot camps and her Mishfitness suburban programmes.

You cannot help but be inspired and motivated by her.

Jane Bryant, PA to Group Controller, Telecom NZ Ltd.

"I've been a regular at Mish's bootcamp sessions over the past 12 months and have gone from a reluctant participant to avid groupie.   

The energy, enthusiasm and variety Mish brings to the sessions is infectious and addictive...so much so, that the pain is almost forgotten!!!

Its amazing the transformation in fitness and attitude you can make within the space of a few short weeks"

Matt Sheppard, Telecom NZ.

I started going to MISH's sessions which my work provided for their Wellington based staff 10 months ago - from that moment on MISH changed my attitude towards exercise and my general health and wellbeing...'Your Health is your Wealth" she yells at us as we are put through our exercise paces.....and it's so true....now whenever I step out my door to exercise I aim to get my heart rate up at least 2-3 times - in fact - I now exercise to prepare myself for MISH's weekly sessions....I am feeling fabulous, have toned up, and am fitter than I have been in a long long time...MISH instills in me a strong desire to make the most of her sessions and to take that discipline out of her sessions and apply it to other areas of my life...not only is she an amazing trainer - she is a very cool person - we have lots of laughs whilst we are working out - if you have a special occasion to work towards - or just want to get fit and improve your health then MISH is for you ...I cannot recommend MISH  highly enough...

Claire Andoe, Test Analyst, AMP Financial Services.

Bootcamps  with Mishfitness are addictive.  I couldn’t survive without my Tuesday and Thursday morning workouts ... even the really tough ones!!  Mish provides variety to all of our workouts which keeps it exciting, great advice on exercise and how to achieve results and of course lots of fun and humour.  Mish keeps you motivated and wanting to achieve more and more – that’s why we keep going back. 

Jo Hogg, Crown Law.

How easy is it to slack off when it’s just you exercising pretty dam easy for me however last year I decided to try the whole group training thing and joined one of Mish’s bootcamps….wholly cow!!  I have to say it’s probably the best thing I have ever done she busts my hump every Tuesday & Thursday and even thou some days I wish I just stayed in bed I feel so much better for it not to mention people keep asking me if I have lost weight J

Mish is everything you could possibly ask for in a trainer, dedicated, experienced, motivating, fun and she has become a great friend. 

Mish has ensured I have stayed active even when being injured she pretty much had to come up with a whole new session each and every bootcamp just for me, now many people would do that im pretty sure most would say stay home and come back when your 100% but Mish knew how important it was to me so ensured she worked with me so I could continue to be the best I can be by caring out strengthening & stretching exercises to assist with recovery.

Mish is Top shelf and a true professional , i wouldn't be without her!

Pru Popple, Telecom NZ.

“Mish is a very positive, enthusiastic and motivating ‘force’. Having attended her measure sessions regularly for many years and less regularly, her exercise classes, I’ve kept on track with weight management, exercising and healthy eating. Mish knows what she’s talking about and is great at tailoring programmes/goals for individual needs.”

We wouldn't be without Mish!

Janet Selwood, Telecom Finance NZ.

I’ve been attending group sessions with Mish through work since November 2011.  Since then I have become much fitter, stronger and weighed (pre-pregnancy) approx. 13 kgs less than when I started the sessions.  Mish is a fantastic motivator and is awesome at pushing people as hard as they can go, while being aware of individuals limitations (such as injuries, or in my case pregnancy).  No two sessions are the same, and this variety really keeps me interested in going every week rain or shine.  As a lot of the work-outs use bodyweight resistance, I have been able to take a lot of the exercises that Mish has put us through and carry these on at home.   I highly recommend anyone embarking on a fitness programme to contact Mish!

Kate Bainbridge, Tax Accountant, AMP Capital.

"Our Mish" - About 5 years ago I started a new job at a new company.  I heard (of) a personal trainer who came in to the office once a week to weigh and measure the team and provide healthy living advice.  I was unfit, overweight and quite frankly, a little scared of what this Mish lady would say!  Turns out she was a heap more scary than I thought.  She's supported and encouraged (and threatened) me over the years to the point that I completed a whole 9 week 'early morning' Bootcamp program last year.  Who would have thought I'd ever even attend ONE session?!?!?.  That was 20 kilos and 5 clothes sizes ago.  I couldn't have done it without my number one cheerleader.  Thanks Mishy Moo.  You're amazeballs.

Bernadette Brown, Telecom Finance.

Mish has been running a Wellness programme for the Telecom finance/legal team in Wellington for a number of years. Not only has the well-being of the team improved materially, but there have been some fantastic success stories, including weight-loss, epic events and early diagnosis of life threatening conditions.  Tuesdays are Mish's walk, weigh and measure day for the team....it really doesn't pay to try to push into the weigh and measure queue! - it's right up there with improtant life events and the team incredibly enthusiastic about the whole programme. So we have a happier, healthier team thanks to the ever effervescent Mish.

Nick Olson, CFO Telecom NZ.

In May 2012 I arrived back in Wellington from an overseas holiday feeling unfit and overweight. I was recommended to Mish by a work colleague and we embarked on a plan to get me fitter and lighter.

By Xmas I had lost 10 kg’s and was feeling heaps healthier overall. Weekly lunchtime walks, regular weigh in and review sessions, friendly advice on what other exercise I should be doing, plus helpful hints on what and how much I should be eating all contributed. It was not that hard.

Mish’s professional but also personal interest in my well being has provided the inspiration and motivation to continue with new goals and challenges which I know will result in a longer and healthier life.

Peter Smith, Commissions and Segment Manager, Telecom NZ.

When I started going to Mish at the beginning of last year, I was REALLY unfit and couldn’t even climb the stairs to the training room without puffing.  Mish was so encouraging and kind right from that first session. She’s always let me work at my own pace without feeling bad about how unfit I was…but she’s never let me get away with slacking off either! Often Mish has known what I’m capable of even when I haven’t - and she has motivated me to achieve things I never thought I’d manage.  The result just over a year later is that I have lost a considerable amount of weight, got much fitter, and feel ten times better about myself.  I think she’s truly amazing and I am so glad I hauled myself up those steps to that first session!


I was adamant I'd never join a bootcamp, thinking I'd be too unfit to keep up. I'll admit I was a little intimidated at first, but I didn't need to be. I gave it a go, and haven't looked back since.  Whatever your fitness level , Mish challenges you to get the most out of her classes and push yourself harder than you ever thought possible. The crazy thing is, you enjoy every minute of it.   Don't mistake Mish's bright, upbeat personality for her being a softy. She'll push you to your limit and make you want to thank her afterwards. That said, she's as proud of your achievements as you are, and that makes her more than a personal trainer, but also a great friend.  I now look forward to my workouts, and hate it if I have to miss a session. Thanks Mish. I'll never look at a toffee pop the same way again.

Angela Xygalas.

Putting the Well in Wellington has been a fantastic initiative.  It’s just the right time of day and just the right amount of time.  I enjoy the mix of cardio and strength training and go back to work feeling invigorated and ready to take on the rest of the day.  Well done Mish.

Lucy Haberfield, General Manager Corporate services, Agito

Learning to exercise regularly through Mishfitness classes offered by Mish has been a journey.  Coming into this from my chosen lifestyle (welded to my sofa, deep in a book) has been challenging, but all along the way I've had guidance and encouragement.  I've accomplished so much more than I ever thought I could, and I'm fitter now than I've ever been in my life.

Mish doesn't take excuses.  She's constantly encouraging and motivating us to work harder, to just go that little bit further, or that little bit faster.  She achieves this in a positive way, not by pushing or bullying, but with incentives, challenges, and rewards.

The sessions themselves are great.  You'll certainly know you've worked hard, but the environment in class just makes it easy to keep on trying and I count the group of people who Mish has drawn to attend her classes as my friends.  I look forward to making it along to as many of her sessions as I possibly can every week.

Alison McKenzie

Workplace Programme

"Mish has joined the QV team as our teacher for health and wellness. Mish has a unique ability to motivate people to get moving on their fitness and nutrition goals. Mish provides a great combination of boundless, never-say-die enthusiasm with a practical level of advice that recognises people can't change everything all at once.

Mish is quite comfortable either presenting to groups or dealing with people one on one and appears unflappable in any situation. Since enrolling Mish's help, participation levels in the health and wellness programme have improved remarkably and we're now starting to see the emergence of a real culture of healthy living around the country and even across the Tasman".

Nick Mckissick, Quotable Value (QV), Group Manager Valuations.

"Mish has demonstrated untiring commitment to this programme. She knows all the dozens of people involved by name and she maintains vigour and enthusiasm that is infectious. She emails to our team a special newsletter giving us nutrition and exercise tips, as well as keeping people informed about what's happening on the programme. She also responds to queries emailed to her by individual employees.

There is no doubt in my mind about the positive impact Mish has had in our workplace. She is now seen as part of the team. She is loved and respected by everyone for her professionalism and her fun loving and bubbly personality".

Jules Maher, Group Insurance and Risk Financing Manager, Telecom New Zealand.

"The Mishfitness programme that we have at our work is pretty amazing. It has changed the way i view exercising and encourages me to have a healthier lifestyle. It has made a difference in my life, just as it has for all of the people who are doing the Mishfitness programme.

Michelle Watson, Telecom New Zealand.

"Mish, thank you to you and all your fantastic instructors for helping us out with this challenge. You guys have all been wonderful and no doubt in the future, if we were to do something like this again, we wouldn't hesitate at all to call on you again". 

Alice Craft, New Zeland Guardian Trust.

"This is a superb initiative. Those who are regular participants love it".

Les, Telecom New Zealand.

"I first saw Mish a month ago. I was scared! I was measured, and we discussed my current lifestyle. Mish then set some small goals for me, goals that i felt comfortable that i could achieve".


"I have had less sick days since i started the programme, and i am fitter, healthier - and, most importantly, several kilos lighter!". 


"I think the Mish programme is great, it really makes the company a better place to work".


"Working out with Mishfitness - a highlight of the week! Mish offers a fantastic programme to get people off their butts and out of the office in a fun, friendly and enthusiastic environment".


"Exercising within a group setting is a great motivator and keeps the workouts fun while burning fat. The once a month activities has enabled me to experience many different types of exercises which i would never previously try on my own".


"No longer is losing weight or keeping fit a lonely affair, I can share my thoughts and goals with fellow team mates and they understand".


Suburban Programme 

"I, Sandie Choate, commenced training with Mish McCormack from Team MIshfitness mid 2008. I contacted Mish due to my ever increasing hectic lifestyle and needing a little external motivation and support to get back on track with my training. Mish's approach to my situation was with great professionalism, enthusiasm and continued support. As a result of Mish McCormack's commitment to my success i was able to regain focus and control in this area of my life within a couple of months. 

Mish McCormack has both professionally and personally achieved more success over the last decade than many experience in a lifetime. This within itself is inspiring and motivating.

Therefore, I highly recommend Mish McCormack as a lifestyle coach for individuals or groups that wish to improve both professional and personal performance".

Sandie Choate, B.Ex.Sci (Hons) MAAESS AEP, Exercise Physiologist.


"You were such a hit Mish. People were still talking about you this afternoon. And who did I spy looking so glam beside Mr John key in the Fitness LIfe mag? Carry on your great work Mish. It was such a pleasure and privilege to meet you. I shall wax lyrical about you to Wendy!!!!

Helen Lawson, Massage New Zealand.

"Hi Mish. Thanks so much for your great presentation yesterday. The guys REALLY enjoyed your talk with lots of them asking if you would be coming back....so i will be in touch to arrange the next session. They could have listened to you for an hour and a half".

Delaine Wilson, New Zealand Post.

"Hi MIsh, Lovely to have met you yesterday, we had wonderful feedback about your seminar, you were fabulous!

Jacqui Mettam, Chapman Tripp.

"Hi Mish. Thank you so much for your fantastic presentation to our embassy staff last week. You were very informative, entertaining, and engaging - staff mentioned how they learned a lot and are eager to make some changes in their lifestyles. Thanks again for a great session".

Stephanie Horry, Co-Community Liason Office Coordinator, US Embassy Wellington.

Putting the Well in Wellington!

"Great music, great fun, great weather! Bring it on!"

Peter Barnes.

"Great to see you guys using the outdoors to get us motivated. Great job!"

Lucy Haberfield.

"Awesome work guys. Come back soon!" 

Kate McRae.